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Foam with Closed Cells
The GVS Selected Foam is supplied as sheets in order to enable the making of Extended Bodies or Simple Bodies. Their density is suitable to make realistic bodies by highlighting the abdominal rings of the Flies, which remain swollen and thus they stand out. By cutting a band following the instructions you find on the webpage and using the GVS EBP supports, you will manage to create bodies of very Realistic Flies that shall succeed in coping with the challenges with the fish.
We recommend don't make an excessive traction with the tying thread during the construction sequences of bodies in Foam (rings abdominal and closing knot), as overstretch the thread may create cuts to foam and cause breakage of the bodies of flies.
Varied colours were selected to make bodies of Mayfly, Caddisfly, Stonefly, Midges and Terrestrial Flies; each Foam has its colours, the closest ones to such of Realistic Flies.
In order to make them as realistic as possible, bodies can be coloured or shaded with one of our Markers.

The package contains 6 sheets with a thickness of 2 mm and 6 sheets with a thickness of 1 millimetre. In the package of Foam SFG, there are 12 sheets with a thickness of 1 mm or 12 sheets with a thickness of 2 mm.
The individual sheets have a size of 12 x 7 cm, with a thickness of 2 and 1 millimetre respectively. The materials are of prime quality and are not harmful for the health of persons using it.

Available foams and their codes:
SFM: Mayfly Foam 6 hues
    SFC: Caddisfly Foam 6 hues
    SFS: Stonefly Foam 6 hues
    SFTM: Terrestrial and Midges Flies Foam 6 hues
    SFG-1: Generic Fly Foam 12 hues 1 mm
    SFG-2: Generic Fly Foam 12 hues 2 mm

6 Products
6 Products