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COPIC Marker: Due to its extraordinary performances, the COPIC Marker system is ideal to be used in colouring and shading the bodies of realistic artificial flies.


  • Copic Markers are available in a range of 214 colours, they may be refilled by means of the COPIC reloading kit;
  • The codification with letters and numbers of the colour on both parts of the lid helps to easily identify the colours;  
  • Copic have two tips: a large one and a thin one;
  • The structure of the body box, made of polypropylene, is very user-friendly;
  • The tips of the Markers are made of resistant polyester and can be changed very easy;
  • The production with electronic know-how ensures the durability and resistance of the COPIC Markers, as well as the duration of colours.  

COPIC Blender: The colourless Attenuator/Blotter is used on the bug bodies after being painted with the Copic Marker in order to blot colours and to render certain hues to them, as well as brightness, making them very similar to such of the bodies of real bugs. One or several different colours can be absorbed by the neutral COPIC Blender.

Various Color Ink Refill: With an ink refill kit can be refilled up to 17 times a COPIC Marker. Refill kits may be combined among them in order to obtain the colours desired by the user.

Marker Cleaner: The Copic detergent is filled in a plastic bottle of 250 ml. It is provided with a lid with screw line and an exit hole facilitating the use of the detergent in order to be easily applied. With this detergent can be cleaned the traces accidentally left by the Markers on varied surfaces.

Copic Markers replacement tips: You can choose the Marker tips, if necessary, or you can choose the set of nine different tips.

11 Products
11 Products