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Hooks for Dun, Spent, Adult, Terrestrial


Hook mod. SSH100B

SSH100B Fly Hooks are a new type of hooks with Short Shank made by GVS, which are very useful to make Dry and Floating Flies. These Hooks are made and designed with a minimum length of the tail helping to reduce to a maximum the visibility of the hook weight and with a large opening to the tip of the fishing rod enabling the holding of the fishes in the best possible way throughout the period of catching such. The wide arch warrants the holding of the fish from its catching until taking it out from the rod.

Due to the reduced length of their tail, they enable the making of artificial bugs by reducing the weight of the bug and the visual impact.

The making of artificial flies shall have as a result a silhouette similar to real flies; as they have micro tip, they shall concurrently enable the taking out of the fish from the rod much quicker and less painful for it.

SSH100B Hooks are especially suitable to make the following artificial flies:

  • Mayfly: pre-Adult, Adult and Spent
  • Caddisfly: Adult and Spent
  • Stonefly: Adult and Spent
  • Midge: Adult and Spent
  • Terrestrial: Adult.

Technical characteristics of SSH100B Hooks:

  • Eyelet - right
  • Steel line  - standard
  • Length - 1 x short
  • Arch - wide closed
  • Finishing - bronze matt
  • Tip - long with reduced barb

The used materials are of prime quality, tips are sharp by the chemical treatment of the metal.

Available sizes: # 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Packages of 25 / 50 and 100 pieces