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Burner for Realistic Wings


The creation of our Realistic Wings and Realistic Wings Heace finalized this operation, pull the finished Wing from the Burner and eventually give to it a shape that is more suitable in using in the accomplishment of the artificial fly.d / Pockets of Nymph in order to obtain Wings of Mayfly Nymph, Adults and Spent, Caddisfly Pupae, Adults and Spent, Stonefly Nymph, Adults and Spent, Terrestrial / Midges, is performed by using Burners to finish the Wings and join the two parts of each Wing model by the thermal fusion of the two sheets, from among which one with realistically printed Wings and the other neutral one. The preparation of the Wings and Wing Pockets is performed by folding and gluing the drawn parts and the neutral part of the Wing (they can be blocked among them by using a marker, by its passing in the part where the code is printed) and by leaning it against a smooth surface, by using a cutting device, one proceeds to cut the Wings on the outer contour, following the contour of the wings and taking care to leave approximately 0.5/1 mm to the outside. Once obtained the wings from the initial sheet, position them in the Burners, observing the same size corresponding to the cut wing and using a heat source (firelighter or match), swiftly pass the flame over the outer contour of the Burner in order to glue the outer edge of the wing. Once this operation is complete, pull the shaped wing out of the tweezers and eventually give the wing a shape more suitable for use in the construction of the artificial fly.